Home Buying In AtlantaIf you’re thinking of buying a home anytime in the next 8 months then you likely are doing some research. There’s 3 keys to home buying in the Atlanta Real Estate market that you need to hear. Sure there’s things like communities to talk about and features that make the most sense, but the essence of buying a home in Atlanta comes down to these things. 

It might be a bit of tough love and it might sound bias, but can we get real for a second, seriously?!

BUYING A HOME IS A 6 FIGURE DECISION, why are you spending 6 seconds picking the most important parts of your home buying success.

Now that your feathers are ruffled, I need to deliver to you the goods, right?

Here’s your 3 Keys to Home Buying In Atlanta

#1. Get Your Financing Rock Solid BEFORE Every Stepping Foot In A Home

If you don’t then all kinds of bad things can happen.  Here’s a list.

#2. Your Real Estate Team Is The Most Important Decision (at least in the state of Georgia)

I know, you read that and was like, “seriously!?” It’s true. Think about this. In this market homes are going fast and interest rates are going up. The prices are still low and so are interest rates so it’s still a great time to buy, but it will be frustrating without the right team.

At the end of the day you want local, full time professionals to help you through the transaction. As a buyer your costs are all rolled into the loan or paid for the by the seller, so you can actually interview people that will be working for you… now there’s a novel concept.

#3. Ask For A Consultation Before Viewing Homes From Your Real Estate Agent

Here again, you’re resisting this one, you just want to get into the home, right? The agent is just a glorified taxi cab with a key — If you think this it’s only because you didn’t interview. The consultation does 2 things really well.

  1. Allows you to interview the agent
  2. Allows you to get really clear on your goals (a good consultation)

Sure there are more keys to buying a home in Atlanta, but this gets you started.  Having the financing and the right real estate team is going to ensure you have a better buying experience and can focus on the home. 

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