Alpharetta Homestead and Tax Exemptions

Alpharetta Homestead and Tax Exemptions

alpharetta real estateTaxes are one of the major things that people need to consider before relocating to another area. While Alpharetta is a great city considering its history, great neighborhoods, and surrounding amenities, there are still a few things that is to be known about the taxes in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Property Taxes or Ad valorem taxes are implemented by the City of Alpharetta to all personal property and real estate unless it is exempted by law. These taxes go to the improvement and maintenance of the city, making sure that is conducive for living for the residents, productive for the businesses, and enticing to the visitors.

Projects, of which only aim to improve the City, are funded by these taxes. These projects include contributions to the Gwinnett Techinical College Alpharetta, traffic equipment maintenance, resurfacing and milling of city streets, and many others.

However, there are homestead exemptions that the city provides which amount to up to $40,000.

These exemptions are capable of making the homeowners save over $2.6 million annually which makes Alpharetta a more affordable place to raise a family and live in compared to other cities in the state.

Alpharetta homes must be occupied since the 1st of January o the current year to be eligible for homestead exemptions. To be qualified for the current year, homeowners must file their applications before the April 1st of the recurring year. If the applications are submitted at a later time than April 1, they will be eligible to the exemptions on the following years. However, if the owners of the real estate are already exempted, they no longer need to reapply except if there are changes in deed type, ownership, or if they are qualified to accept a larger exemption.

The City of Alpharetta issue the Following Exemptions:

  1. Basic Homestead Exemption – This amounts to $40,000 of the real estate’s appraisal.
  2. Senor Basic Exemption – This amounts to $15,000 and is issued to homeowners that are 65 years of age or older as of the 1st of January.
  3. Additional Senior Exemption – This amounts to $10,000 and is issued to homeowners that are 65 years of age or older as of the 1st day of January who meet certain income requirements.
  4. Senior Full Value Exemption – This is issued to owners that are 70 years of age or older as of the 1st day of January who meet certain requirements.

To file Basic Homestead Exemption, homeowners must go to the Fulton County’s Alpharetta offices while Senior Exemption Applications should be processed at the Finance Department of the City of Alpharetta.


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