Atlanta Luxury Property Review

atlanta luxury property reviewAtlanta Luxury Property Review

I’ve recently had the pleasure of showing homes in the North and North-East Atlanta’s most prestigious luxury communities.  I thought it would be a good idea to do an Atlanta Luxury Property Review for those shopping at these price points. There’s a lot of neighborhoods that could fall into this category, most homes over $500K are considered luxury homes after all.

However, for this review, we’ll compare these luxury communities mainly due to their proximity to each other.

St Ives

You can read our overview of St Ives Homes but the short version is that it’s classic Johns Creek/Duluth homes built in the early 90’s that need a fair amount of updating, however, the superior location makes this a choice that holds it’s value overall.  The homes in St Ives Country Club feel outdated comparatively speaking but it’s the location along with the community golf atmosphere that keeps the price point high.


Chateau Elan

Like St Ives, we’ve covered Chateau Elan at length.  I don’t know that there’s ever been a time that I have showed homes in Chateau Elan and not found something new or interesting.  The Chateau Elan is definitely all about prestige.  The lot premiums still are in effect here, so in comparison other homes in the same price range, Chateau Elan Homes will likely feel either “unique” or outdated.   The year built can range from new construction to the 80’s.   If you’re looking here, chances are really good you want a place that will impress your friends and colleagues in a way that no other neighborhood can.  It’s also the largest neighborhood and the only one boasting a winery and hotel.

Sugarloaf Country Club

There’s not much to say that about Sugarlaof that our write up before and Atlanta Housewives didn’t say.  Sugarloaf Country Club once represented one of the nicest golf club communities you could live in the entire state.  Its still high on the list, however, with the recent foreclosure trend in this neighborhood and the negative publicity the “sheen” is gone.  It’s still likely the most “luxurious” of the 4 neighborhoods featured here.  It’s also more “homogeneous” in architectural stylings than the other neighborhoods.

St Marlo

Like the other luxury communities we’ve written about this one before.  The Jarvis Team has always been a little hard on St Marlo.  The varying architectural styles, the new construction competing with more custom made homes made it feel more like Edinburgh at times than something in the “LUXURY” class.  However, after showing in all four neighborhoods the newer homes combined with the amenities make it the best bang for the buck.  It’s not the most luxurious or the the most well known or the best location, but it’s the best of all of those worlds, at least as the market stands.

The River Club

The River Club is in a class in and of itself.  While the afore mentioned neighborhoods have entry level homes at under the “luxury line” ($500K) the River Club never has.  Homes start at $1Million or there abouts and work their way up.  Sure there’s a short sale or foreclosure every now and then but The River Club is what many of the other neighborhoods aspire to be.  That being said, it’s only great if you can afford it of course.

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