Atlanta Real Estate Market Update for August 2013

Atlanta Real Estate Market Update for August 2013

The real estate market in Atlanta is on fire!  It’s still a heavy seller’s market for homes under $450,000 in Gwinnett County.  It’s also a great move-up market.  Those that have homes under $250,000 can easily sell their home for the most they’ve been in 10 years and move up to past $450,000 where it’s still a buyer’s market.  With the low interest rates you really can’t go wrong!

Seller’s Beware!  New Construction Is Coming!

Although it’s still a seller’s market and prices are rising, waiting COULD COST you!  New Construction is coming and it will be very hard to compete with.   Keep in mind that not only are new homes considered “better” then older homes, but you’re dealing with a builder that is a professional seller.  In addition, they bought the lots they are building on for next to nothing so they can afford to go lower then usual on new builds!  Contact us today to discuss or find out your home’s value before acting. 

Some of the neighborhoods we mention in the video are:

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