Best Cities For Young Families In Georgia

Best Cities For Young Families In Georgia

best cities for young familiesIn Real Estate there’s a bunch of no-no words for us to use making much of we can tell the public sound like a politician running for office.   Lucky for us Nerdwallet isn’t at all concerned and in fact, we agree at least in part that both Buford and Flowery Branch make excellent choices for young families (or older families).  

Nerdwallet looked at 4 key factors:

  1. Affordability
  2. Schools
  3. Growth
  4. Family Friendliness – a made up measure involving poverty levels, school aged children and the ratio of these factors. 

Let’s take a look at the cities that made their list and why in Metro Atlanta. 

#6 Buford – Buford was cited as a top city for young families in Georgia due to it’s small size, high home values (highest in the county), Schools system and overall town center amenities.   You can also live on Lake Lanier and have a Buford address.  You can search for Buford homes for sale here. 

#9 Flowery Branch – Coming up right after Jefferson is Flowery Branch placed on the list due to the availability of new construction, the overall growth, and the presence of the Falcons complex and part of it is on Lake Lanier.  Searching for Flowery Branch homes?

#10 Woodstock – Rounding out the top 10 cities in Georgia for young families is Woodstock.  On the opposite side of the map from Buford and Flowery Branch, Woodstock has a number of reasons it makes the top 10, it’s a wonder it wasn’t higher.  It’s a bigger city, but has high values, new construction, higher income overall and some major attractions such as Lake Allatoona. 

Other notable cities include everyone’s favorite, Alpharetta at no. 12 and Suwanee, a winner of many awards, at number 13.   

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