Don’t Buy a Home without Reading This [Infographic]

don't buy a homeBuying a new home is a huge financial commitment, and more than likely one of the biggest that you will make in your entire life. Its equal parts exciting and nerve wrecking as you will be spending a huge chunk of your hard earned savings, and committing to payments for a significant amount of time.

Getting a new house has various variables and unknowns that you need to consider. Whether they are legal negotiations or finding out whether your bank will let you borrow money, there is lots to consider to make sure you land your dream home. But we’re here to help, here are a few things you should do straight away to get things off to a good start.

Calculate your mortgage

Mortgages play a crucial role in deciding which houses you are able to afford. So make sure you calculate it correctly, there are numerous free tools online that will take your information and calculate it for you.

Talk to realtors

Realtors are the real deal when it comes to buying homes. Their experience and knowledge of the current housing market in their area will ensure that you get the best house for your budget.

Find suitable mortgage lenders

Buying a home is a long commitment. You will be paying mortgage payments for 10,15, 20 or more years. This is why you will need to find a great mortgage lender that offers the terms and flexibility that you require. Check online and read reviews of different lenders and ask your friends and family before choosing one. These are just the initial things that you have to do before you buy a home. However there are some things that you also shouldn’t do. Here they are:

  • Don’t go looking for property and before knowing how much you can borrow, you may end up looking at property’s that are way out of your price range.
  • Always get proper advice. Whether its realtors or mortgage advisers, make sure you consult those that are in the industry, rather than relying on well-meaning friends and family.
  • Don’t spend all your savings on the deposit. When it comes to your savings, never spend it all on your down payment, nearly every house comes with unexpected costs, so keep a buffer. 

So there you have it. Buying a home is a very complex decision and needs to be done very carefully. Make sure you follow the steps here and if you want to learn more on buying a home and what factors you need to consider, here’s an infographic by the good people at Legendary Home Services. Filled with great information, it will walk you through all the pains and gains of home buying that you will ever need to know.

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Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis

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