Fast Cash For Your Home Equal Great Deal?

Does Fast Cash For Your Home Equal Great Deal?

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You’ve seen the ugly house billboard and you’ve seen the ads on the internet. Sell your home fast for cash to investors.  Investors are dying for homes and they will buy yours for cash.  Fast cash, fast offers, no hassle or fees.  Here’s the big “Ah Ha!” moment though.  Cash buyers, specifically those “generating leads” to buy are usually investors or “bird dogs” for investors.  An investor buys a home to… Drum roll …. Make money!

That means that they want your home’s value for themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with that if you truly are willing to trade equity for speed.  If you are Contact Us!!!

However, in most cases investors are only making the offer because there is value there or they wFast Cash For Your Home = Great Deal?ill make you an offer that is lower than what you’d expect.  In our experience investors want at least $20,000 profit from each home they fix and flip or a 10% plus return on their investment if they buy the home as a rental.

A few things to know before going this route or even before getting ready to sell.

  1. Know your home’s value – you can use a tool like the one linked here or you can Contact Us and we’ll happily do a market analysis on your home.
  2. Know what investors are going to offer – most offer 50% of fair market value as a starting bid.
  3. Know you can negotiate
  4. Know what is a real contract vs an assignment or option contract.

The real estate investment world is filled with all kinds of people.  There’s a lot of great investors out there that won’t take advantage of you and will actually close.  The hard part is figuring out which ones are legit.   Of course, you could hire an agent…. but hey I don’t want to over-sell that proposition.

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