Georgia Homes With Pools – The Most Rare Real Estate In GA?

georgia homes with poolsGeorgia Homes With Pools

We recently got a comment from a video we did about the most rare item in all of Georgia Real Estate.  The comment was that they didn’t see the value in the video or the “tip.”  Everyone has an opinion but here’s why we share that with you.   The most rare item in GA Real Estate is Georgia Homes with Pools (particularly an in-ground pool).   Most home buyers do not know this and this feature doesn’t do what you might think it would do to home values or how to handle your home search.  Let’s look at from 2 perspectives.

Selling Georgia Homes With Pools

When the Jarvis Team works with a home seller who has a home with a pool, we know a few things.

  • Relocating buyers think Georgia has a lot of pools so they look for homes in their criteria
  • I can get more money knowing the above for the seller
  • In-ground Pool might not increase the appraisal though

With this knowledge I can usually sell the home much, much faster than a regular home and for the highest price in the neighborhood.

When Buying Georgia Homes With Pools

Knowing the above we ask our clients, “Do you want a home with a pool, or the best deal out there?”  There are GA Homes with pools but overall they are in the minority. So you need to decide how much you want a pool.  It’s not about “deal” really because getting a pool in GA is often a great value.  Since appraisers often overlook a pool giving it little to no value, you often get a pool for less than the cost of installation.  The question is would you rather buy a home that doesn’t fit your family simply for a pool.   This isn’t something we can bullet point, but that it was well worth you knowing if you are buying.

Search for Georgia Homes with Pools

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Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis

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