Highest Priced Homes In Gwinnett Are In Buford

Highest Priced Homes In Gwinnett Are In Buford

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Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or looking to buy a new one the median price of a home dictates a lot of things for an area. First let’s talk about what the median sold price really means.   It’s basically the line of of the market.  Everything under this median price tends to move faster and while it’s an over generalization, homes that are priced under the median price are typically in a “seller’s market.”  At the very least it means that the homes will likely sale faster and have more overall buyers.  Additionally you can assume that homes over the median price might sell slower and have fewer overall buyers. 

Now that that’s out of the way let’s look at this graph here to the right.  While it’s Gwinnett centric for sure it shows the median sold price for Buford, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett and all of Metro Atlanta.  You can see that homes for sale in Lawrenceville had a median price of $175,000 while Gwinnett as a whole is just under $200,00.   You can read that to find out that Lawrenceville could be the best deal on the market.  In fact, although it doesn’t show it, even though Snellville has the lowest median price of all Gwinnett cities we find that Lawrenceville is the best deal “pound for pound.”

Buford on the other hand represents the highest price.  There’s a good reason why homes for sale in Buford sell for more.  While their city school is award winning, so are the county schools that are outside of city limits.  In addition, the city is committed to controlled growth, add to that the State’s most poplular lake, parks and the SouthEast’s biggest mall and it’s no wonder why Buford is the best, but is it the best value?  

That’s up to you, from our research we saw that homes that were in Buford were on average, $50,000 more then their neighboring cities, even higher if the home was in the city limits. 

Reading this you might wonder, what some other cities sell for.  Well Buford isn’t the highest by a long shot.  Alpharetta homes for sale have a median price in the $400’s for example, taking the top spot of highest priced homes outside the perimeter.  As you might guess, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Brookhaven have the highest priced zip code of 30319 in all of Atlanta with a median home price of $480K! 

Source: MarketTrends

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