It Turns Out Dave Ramsey Was Right… Again

dave ramsey real estateIt Turns Out Dave Ramsey Was Right… Again

If you been looking at real estate you probably noticed that the market is on fire!  However, there are two groups that are really enjoying this market and both of them seem to be following the Dave Ramsey way of buying a home.

The buyers are obviously enjoying the low prices and low-interest rates, however, those buyers that have 20% down and are in better shape to deal with the bumps in the road that seem to be popping up such as low appraisals, or inspection repairs that unexpectedly need to be made and sellers that cannot afford or are unwilling to do the repairs.

In some cases, these sellers don’t have the utilities on and a creditworthy person with a good amount of cash can easily navigate these items. Now that the market has heated up, the buyers are not the only ones that are in a great position to succeed.  Sellers are now in a position to move up while the market recovers if they put 20% down which is more than the market fell in many areas.  As the market continues to heat up, these savvy sellers can now take advantage of the market FIRST and get in while the market is still lower.

The market is back but some things don’t change and good sound advice from Dave Ramsey still remains one of the best way to buy a home (aside from all cash).

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