Selling A Luxury Home In Atlanta – Chateau Elan & Luxury Selling Guide

selling an atlanta luxury homeSelling An Atlanta Luxury Home

If you’ve been following along, we made the announcement about our Certified Luxury Home Marketing status and some tips on Buying A Luxury Home. This is really part 3 of this series if you will. If you are a selling a luxury home, you must remember that any price over $500,000 will be considered a Luxury Home for Atlanta.  In addition, you must also keep in mind that with this “designation” you are now in the minority of home owners.  The key for will be working with a real estate agent (hint: me) to find your unique selling proposition.  That might sound a bit goofy at first or “sales speak” but the it’s likely the thing that caused you to want to buy in the first place.

Find Your “One Thing”

Think about that “One Thing” that stands out about your home.  Is it the spiral stair case?  Maybe it’s not the home but the community.  In some cases, such as Chateau Elan, many home owners buy because of the community.  Studies show that home buyers in the luxury market often buy because of the “lifestyle” that the home represents.  Even in instances where “good deal” was listed as the reason, the lifestyle was a close 2nd.

Know the Value!

The Jarvis Team will certainly prepare a marketing plan for you as well as a suggested retail price for your property.  However, we also recommend getting an appraisal.  This will often help educate buyers on the value of the property.  Most agents are hired based on relationship and not expertise, therefore it’s necessary to make sure you cover the bases and educate the buyer and their agent.

Prepare for Access

One of the most often overlooked items in selling a luxury home is the access.  Most homes at this price point are appointment only but it’s important to decide upfront how flexible you will be in allowing buyers in the home.  The Jarvis Team recommends Approval letter requirements for anything over $1 Million.  Homes show best when shown by the buyer’s agent.  We have a few ideas how to help them look like an expert on your home, but overall it’s best if the home owner or a competing agent is not present.

Not A Fixer Upper

Most buyers will not like the idea of fixing anything before moving in.  Be ready for their due diligence process mentioned in the other post. If you are selling a luxury home in Atlanta the head on over to our form and let us know!  We’d love to show you our unique marketing plan designed just for your home!

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Joshua Jarvis

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