Short Sale Success Stories

Short Sale Success Stories

short sale successAs you know, the Jarvis Team has been completing short sales since the end of 2007 when the Atlanta real estate market started it’s free fall.   We decided to share our short sale success stories on our sister site, Atlanta Short Sale Listings (and some repost on Avoid Atlanta Foreclosure).   After 5 years of doing short sales we’ve come to learn a few things that should be applicable to everyone.

Home Sellers Who Do Short Sales Should Be Applauded

Well most of them.  In our experience, 99% of our clients are people who have had a rough situation or financial patch and are actually doing something about it, as opposed to doing nothing and letting the home get foreclosed on.

Foreclosure Is Avoidable

We can say the above statement because we’ve closed over 90% of our short sales.  There’s not a situation too tough.  Where there are problems in our deals result in a client not contacting us soon enough. The reality is that short sale can be done but it’s who’s working on them.  We’re blessed to have some great team members on the Jarvis Team otherwise we’d be closer to some other short sale numbers on the failure side.

Short Sales Are Good Deals, But Not Great

We’ve rarely seen a home sell for a price that’s just too crazy to miss.  Most of the short sales we’ve closed have been really good deals for the client but not “great” must have deals.

The Short Sale Experience Is Only As Good As Your Agent & Lender

If you are a home seller and you are short selling your home, there’s only 2 things aside from your motivation that will determine your success. Your lender is one party but your real estate agent is the most important in this instance.  Knowing what a lender is trying to say and what they mean are only something an agent learns from doing a short sale. Remember, NO, is an answer to a question, it may be that you’re not asking the right question if you bank is telling you no.

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