Should I Upgrade My House Before Selling

Most sellers ask the question of “should I upgrade my house before selling“. This is an interesting topic as several sellers have different opinions on this matter. However, this whether they should or should not question could only have one productive answer: ask a real estate professional.

People are probably rolling their eyes at me right now as this answer may seem like a “cop out” but it is a more than rational answer. Joshua Jarvis, CEO and founder of the Jarvis Team Realty believes that before sellers decide to upgrade a certain part of a home, they should at least let an agent evaluate the home to give them advice as some upgrades can improve the value of the home more than others. Moreover, there are neighborhoods that require certain upgrades to stay competitive with other Gwinnett County homes for sale and these professionals are the ones who are familiar with the demographics.

One thing that sellers need to discern before doing an update is whether that certain update would get them more money. With this being said, getting a quotation or an estimate from a professional would help them decide if the upgrades or remodels that they plan on doing would be worth the risk.

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Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis

Joshua and his family have served Gwinnett County for over 20 years, specializing in homes for sale in Buford, Braselton, Hoschton and areas in the north Gwinnett area. Jarvis Team Realty has sold over 1,000 homes all over Atlanta