The Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World

I recently wrote an entry for the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World Contest and here is the post: I stumbled onto a contest about

The Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World. At first I thought the post referenced some content from a recent Keller Williams Family Reunion topic about being the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the world. One of the actual topics was about being hyper local and very knowledgeable about one thing, so that you could in essence be the greatest Real Estate Agent in, yes, the World.

Seth Godin, writer of the Dip, re-explains that the world no longer values “Jack of All Trade” type people but prefers the specialized. We’ve definitely seen that in other industries. So too, in Real Estate. So now this contest comes about the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the world and it has to do with SEO. I also saw an interesting post about how it’s very bogus, since after a year, your paying hosting fees. Of course, if you make money off the website, it’s money you didn’t have.

Then again if you are the greatest in the world, then you wouldn’t need a free website. So what is my definition of the “Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World?” Well, of course, that would be me. But to consumers, it would be whoever gets them the information they need FIRST.

Update: ┬áIf you’re reading this post-2012, then the greatest real estate agent in the world is the one who knows the most in “YOUR” world.

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