Top 10 Neighborhoods In Alpharetta, GA

top 10 neighborhoods in alpharetta

Top 10 Neighborhoods In Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta is one of the most popular relocation destinations for people moving to the Atlanta metro area and also from within the area itself.  It’s price point of the median home makes it a move-up destination for most and the amenities make most envious.  So let’s dive into the places that you’d likely consider if you’re moving to Alpharetta.  

This list was compiled using just quantity of sales.  So there could be a great smaller neighborhood but it won’t compete with the likes of the biggest neighborhood Windward which will dominate any “quantity” based study. 

  1. Windward – As the largest neighborhood calling Alpharetta home, Windward will be the top of any list. 
  2. Country Club of the South – This might surprise some folks, but Country Club of the South was had the 2nd most sales in Alpharetta. 
  3. Wyndham – These townhomes sell very fast.  It’s no wonder they are priced right at $200K which is a steal in Alpharetta.
  4. Glen Abbey – This one of those  $600K to $800K where in 2016 you’d actually have more than just a few options. 
  5. Devonshire – Getting possibly the award for the most affordable housing in Alpharetta, Devonshire features homes in the $150’s range. 
  6. Deerlake – Built in the 90’s this older (by today’s standard) will appeal to those looking for low turnover (even with the high sales volume). 
  7. Morris Lakes – Rarely anything is for sale in here but when it is, it’s gone because like Devonshire it’s priced as some of the lowest in Alpharetta.
  8. Nesbit Lakes – From $500K to $700K Nesbit Lakes fills that niche of great Alpharetta homes that are under that $750K with these kind of amenities.
  9. Rivermont – With an ecclectic mix of contemporary and older homes and a huge overall neighborhood, Rivermont is popular with the arts community.
  10. White Columns – White Columns is one of the favorites for those that are usually consider CC of the South and higher end homes in Windward.

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