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ga buyers agentGA Buyer’s Agent – What GA Buyer Agents Know About Real Estate That You Don’t

It all started with this e-mail:

Josh, Hey I love the “Best Buy List” you are putting out but you’re not necessarily sending me homes in the area I want.  I’d prefer to do my own looking to, so can you tell me how you go about finding these great real estate deals? – James

So I set about trying to answer his question by describing how I search for deals.  The trouble is, that only a licensed real estate agent can do this.  To make maters worse, you have to sift through the listings to see who is doing buyer baiting, or who has old information. Here’s how I look for great real estate deals I’ll note what the buyer’s agent can do as well.

  1. Experience Based – Because we show a ton of properties we know the market.  So when we see a deal, we naturally know it’s a deal.  Anything under $250K is a steal in Hamilton Mill for instance.  While this particular way of searching isn’t exclusive to MLS data, it is harder to stay on top of as big an area as a GA Buyer’s Agent, so start small and pick your favorite neighborhood.   You can be an expert in a small area without MLS.
  2. Reduce Pricing Analysis – A trick of the trade is that when a bank owned home drops it’s prices it’s ready to move the property… more than before and willing to look at lower offers than before.  The challenge of this is that most searches available online to do not offer this and in the case of homes dot com and realtor dot com you’re  faced with 2 or 3 week old information.  The MLS is best to not miss out on this one.  Also, you run the risk of running into Buyer Baiting from short sale listing agents.
  3. Known “Dealers” – There are just some listing agents or “sellers’ that always have good deals. HUD homes typically fall into this category.  This comes from experience as well.  HUD homes HAVE to be purchased through a real estate agent, so if you are  DIY-er you’re out of luck.

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Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis

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