Why Millennials are Flocking to Atlanta

why millennials are flocking to atlantaMillennials are moving across the nation in droves. They want the best of both worlds— better jobs, affordable housing, great schools, and a vibrant culture. This is why Atlanta is now one of the biggest hotspots for Millennials to get the best of everything. Over 90,000 people moved to Atlanta in 2016 alone. Since 2010, over half of Atlanta’s population were those that moved from out of town. Many of these people are young professionals settling down into their careers.

Employment Opportunities

With only a 4.9 percent unemployment rate and a 31.61 percent increase in the working age population, the Peach State is ripe with new job opportunities. Millennials arrive in droves to Atlanta seeking to a part of the thriving job market. Every year, more Millennials flock to Atlanta to join one of its major industries—agribusiness, energy, film, aerospace, and many more.

  • Aerospace -More than 500 aerospace companies flood the industry with a number of engineering possibilities. As Georgia’s number one export, the state employs over 80,000 engineers to craft new and existing aerospace technologies. Georgia is a leader in the development of unmanned systems and space exploration. Engineers who want to be in the hub of aerospace technologies have found the right place.
  • Agribusiness – Agribusiness is booming in Atlanta. Georgia is long known as the leading producer of soybeans, peanuts, cotton, broilers, and blueberries, but their reach is expanding. The state now thrives off other products like wine, peach products, olive oil, artisan cheeses, and ice-cream. This success is due in part to Georgia Tech’s Agricultural Technology Research Program, which fosters young talent to drive the future of agricultural technology.
  • Film – Georgia is luring film production out of Los Angeles by way of the Georgia Entertainment Promotion. Through this deal, Georgia offers up to 30 percent base transferable credit and 10 percent uplift for film and TV produced in Georgia. Los Angeles is quickly falling behind as Georgia locks in more of the industry with these incentives. Look for media with the Georgia peach logo like The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Captain America: Civil War, Allegiant, and many more. This is great news for aspiring filmmakers who can’t afford LA.
  • Energy – The energy industry in Georgia is America’s leading source of sustainable biomass. Atlanta is central to the study of renewable energy products, reduced cost of innovative research and alternative energy. Engineers currently research GE Energy, Mitsubishi Turbines, Exide Technologies, and many others to promote clean and renewable energy.

Good for Singles

In 2016, Forbes listed Atlanta as the best city to find a date. At least 70 percent of the population is unmarried with a steady neutral population between the sexes. While cities like New York have a much higher female population than men and Los Angeles is vice versa, Atlanta keeps a stable playing field for singles to meet each other and take dates to any number of Atlanta’s variety of attractions, restaurants, and bars.

Top-Notch Universities

Atlanta offers a plethora of educational opportunities for young students looking to move. Schools like Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Georgia State University. Georgia Tech is a top-ranked research-based university focused on advancing science and technology. Emory University is a leading private school that’s known for its healthcare studies, liberal arts, and graduate programs Atlanta boasts dozens of undergrad and graduate programs in every field, which makes it the perfect training ground for budding students. Millennials with young families can feel good about the local school choices as well.

Easy Commute

Despite what social media and the news suggest, Atlantans have decent commutes! Research on commutes shows that long commutes increase anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of depression. Atlanta’s Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, shortens commutes by more than thirty minutes and provide well maintained buses and trains. In 2016, Governor Nathan Deal unveiled a plan promising to build toll lanes along the city’s major freeways to relieve traffic. Those looking to escape the heart-pounding commutes of other major cities while find Atlanta’s commutes a refreshing change of pace.

Fun Nightlife

Atlanta boasts some of the hippest nightlife in the nation. Its streets are filled with bars offering trendy cocktails, craft coffee, and creative cuisine. With the development of over a dozen breweries growing in recent years, Atlanta is quickly picking up speed to compete with the likes of Denver and San Diego in the beer industry. Brews from SweetWater Brewing Company, Wild Heaven Beer, and Terrapin Beer Co. are hailed by beer enthusiasts and are bound to become nationwide favorites. Like many trendy cities, Atlanta is part of the mixology movement toward better and innovative cocktails. Every corner has something new to try from unique Sazeracs to tequila-and-cognac sours. Need to break out of the bar scene? Check out Atlanta’s outdoor concerts that go all-year-round from day to night.

Public Attractions

Atlanta offers so many attractions that families and friends never get bored. Stare in awe at a whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium, be moved by the MLK Jr. National Historic Site and the Ebenezer Baptist Church, soak in some culture at the nationally renowned High Museum of Art, learn about America’s biggest conflict of the Civil war at the Oakland Cemetery, or visit the World of Coca-Cola. This doesn’t count the number of live outdoor concerts, Broadway shows, and symphony orchestras that bring the city to life.

Multi-Cultural Dining

Southern soul-food meets modern sophistication in this food-driven city. Soul-food is woven into Georgia’s culture and metropolitan Atlanta is no exception. Fried chicken, grits, burgers, seafood and barbecue are in the hands of formidable chefs who take cooking to the next level. Atlanta’s restaurants seem to multiply by the day from an array of different cultures. From hole-in-the-wall eateries to pho-fusion, Atlanta’s restaurant scene is growing.

Affordable Housing

If you’re from Atlanta you’re calling “FOUL!” but if you aren’t from the ATL then you likely think that renting and buying in Atlanta is a steal.  With high end condos in Buckhead and Midtown at less than $500K it’s easy to see why millennials from New York or California are interested in moving here.  In addition, Atlanta is considered one of the safest of metro cities and these condos have the best in security.

Atlanta’s population growth and growing job market shows a promising future for Millennials moving to the state’s capital. Millennials who move to Atlanta can expect a vibrant culture, a beautiful cityscape, and a plethora of entertainment opportunities for a better life.

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