Zillow Exposed… Again – This time Duplicate Listings

Zillow Exposed – Duplicate Listings

You’ve heard for some time now that Zillow cares most about traffic and not about having accurate information.  Even their own disclaimer says their “zestimates” are 20% or more off.  So if you were wanting to find out your Atlanta home value, zillow can often times get you into metaphorical parking lot of the ball park but if you want a true value you will need a professional.  That being said, this is pretty low, even for Zillow.  Not only does zillow not have accurate information but they’ve got duplicate listings.  This video shows you very clearly that Zillow has two pages for the same home with different information.  Last time I looked, homes located at one specific address are unique from one another (understanding that townhomes and condos could result in duplicate pages).   Before someone says that MLS’s do this all the time, it’s not exactly the same thing.  MLS will often have listings for rent and to buy but the legal and information is all the same.  Even overlapping MLS systems can create duplicates but again, the information is identical for the most part.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the video, none of those excuses can be found.

Can someone explain why this home has two pages?  

Does it benefit the consumer?  

A better question might be, if the government felt so strongly that real estate agents possess knowledge and therefore need to think about the public they help – and therefore need to be licensed and monitored, why is zillow not held to the same standard?

In any case, this is one of the many reasons we recommend using a professional real estate agent.  Yes, we’re biased, but sometimes you got to call it like you see it. 

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Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis

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