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Homes For Sale In 30316, GA | Atlanta

More About 30316, Atlanta Real Estate

The 30316, Atlanta area is a vibrant and diverse community with plenty of attractions and real estate options. This area is known for its eclectic mix of businesses and restaurants, ranging from casual to upscale. There are also plenty of parks and trails for outdoor activities. When it comes to real estate, the 30316 offers a variety of options including single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. Prices can vary depending on the age and condition of the home, but the area generally has a strong housing market.

The neighborhoods within the 30316 are also full of character and charm. Residents enjoy a mix of old and new architecture, with lots of character-filled older homes. There are also plenty of modern amenities such as grocery stores, cafes, and nightlife. The area is also close to downtown Atlanta, offering easy access to the city’s entertainment, shopping, and employment opportunities.

The 30316 area is a great place for people to live and work. It has a positive reputation as being both affordable and safe. In addition, the area is full of history, culture, and natural beauty. One fun fact about the 30316 is that it was once home to the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottling plant. The plant closed in the late 1970s, but the area still contains many reminders of its past.

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