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Flowers Crossing
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Homes For Sale In Flowers Crossing, GA | Lawrenceville

More About Flowers Crossing, Lawrenceville Real Estate

Flowers Crossing in Lawrenceville, GA is a highly sought-after real estate market that offers a variety of attractions, properties, and unique features. Located near the intersection of I-85 and GA-316, Flowers Crossing is close to both the vibrant city of Atlanta and the quaint town of Lawrenceville, offering a great combination of both urban and rural lifestyles.

The area is known for its traditional family homes, townhomes, and condos. Homes in the area are typically well-maintained, boasting modern amenities and excellent landscaping. There are also several luxury homes in the area, with large and spacious lots. The area also has several nearby parks, offering residents plenty of outdoor activities.

Flowers Crossing is a highly sought-after neighborhood due to its convenient location, well-maintained homes, and attractive parks. The area also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as the Annual Flower Festival. This festival is an excellent opportunity for residents to socialize and enjoy the beauty of the area.

One fun fact about Flowers Crossing is that the area has been featured in a number of films, including the popular movie The Blind Side. This film was inspired by the true story of a family living in the neighborhood, and it highlights the strong sense of community and support that exists in the area.

Overall, Flowers Crossing is an attractive real estate market in Lawrenceville, GA that offers plenty of unique amenities

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