How To Buy A New Construction Home

How To Buy A New Construction Home

You’ve probably noticed those crazy signs and sign spinners out in full force advertising new neighborhoods and new construction homes for sale.  That’s right new construction is back and in a big way.  We thought we’d cover some of the basics for you if you’re in the market for a new home.   Ultimately, the best option is to meet with our team (just call 678-999-1001), but if you can’t meet with us, here’s how to buy a new construction home. 


It may sound like silly advice but you’d be surprised how many home buyers don’t look at the competition and know what’s out there.  What’s worse is that some home buyers only choose new construction to look at instead of also considering a retail home.  Some of the HGTV shows have it right, you might want to consider what you can get in a resell… often you can get a little more for the money. 

Know Your Rights

It’s surprising but many buyers go it alone.  While I won’t be as dramatic as saying buying a home without a buyer’s agent is anything like going into court without an attorney, it is a six or seven figure decision, you should definitely have someone on your side.   Reputable builders not only work with buyer’s agents but they welcome them.  Builders that have something to hide often suggest that if your agent wasn’t present at the very beginning then they can’t help you. 

Reputable builders not only work with buyer’s agents but they welcome them. 

So know your new construction home buying rights:

  • Unless you signed a contract, you can always have an agent
  • Even though they really, really want you to use “their” lender, you don’t HAVE to. 
  • Once you’re under contract (hopefully you read it), you can usually have an inspection (we HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it)
  • IF the builder makes a mistake, you have the right in most cases to delay closing until its fixed. 
  • If the builder doesn’t finish the home or doesn’t fix the home, you have the right to delay closing. 

Most buyers don’t flat out ask how to buy new construction home, but there is a process.  As mentioned, the best place to start is a no-cost, no obligation call with our team 678-999-1001

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