Moving Checklist – 8 Weeks To A Successful Move

moving checklistThey say moving is one of the most stressful things a human can do.  So we thought to put together a guide to your move.   This guide starts at 8 weeks.  So for most of the people reading that this year, that likely means you need to start this plan as soon as you list your home

8 Weeks Out

  • Decide to make a plan – most people simply wait until a week before they move and start packing.  That’s insane!  Come up with a plan.  That’s a bit redundant though since you’re here. 
  • Create a move file – You can use evernote with great results or use a specific box or folder.  Specifically you want moving receipts
  • Ask your CPA – ahead of time – which moving expenses are tax deductible. 
  • Get estimates on moving NOW, not when you’re behind the 8 ball and need to move.
  • If you get any reimbursement on for relocating, get the list of approved expenses from your employer AND start tracking those in the file you created in the above step! 

7 Weeks Out – already feel a little stress?

  • If you know your move date or closing date go ahead and schedule the movers
  • Go to your favorite Dr., Dentist, etc and start to get referrals to where you’re moving.  This is HUGE for pediatricians! 
  • Do the same with Vets if you have pets
  • Look at your things, what are you taking, what can you sell or give away.  Keep this in mind for moving as the moving company costs will go up the more you decide to take.
  • Start to contact important clubs, subscriptions, etc.  While it may be premature at this point, you should at least add most of the items on this list to your file so you can call when you know your closing date.

6 Weeks Out 

  • Make a list of all the really big items you’ll be moving. 
  • Plan that garage sale or donate the items you decided you weren’t taking. 
  • Start Packing Up stuff now! 
  • Gather your insurance agent’s information and put it in your file
  • Go to the post office and get their change of address envelope – YES, you can do this online but you won’t get the coupons.
  • Double check your dental and heath contact information.  If you’re under contract and you know your closing date you may want to start to get your records.

5 Weeks Out

  • Check out Auto Insurance if you’re going to need to change
  • Arrange for temporary storage if you need that as well
  • Make sure you continue to pack
  • Check in on the mover or make sure you have booked your mover
  • Make sure you know what is insured by the mover
  • Photo anything that is valuable and store that on your phone, evernote or your file. 
  • Locate banks at your new location

4 Weeks Out

  • Measure your appliances that you are taking
  • Give away those final items that didn’t sell
  • Throw away things you don’t want to take with you
  • Get ready to turn off your utilities, subscriptions and services, if you’re moving out of state, go ahead and set the date usually a day or two after closing. 
  • Anything that needs 30 days notice would need to happen now
  • Get the kids to help out with packing and start to see their new room
  • Schedule the professional packing day one or two before the move.

3 Weeks Out

  • Review your labels on your boxes (Improve if necessary)
  • Get all your clothes or other items from dry cleaners and other vendors
  • Make the plan for the day of the move.  Where will the kids be?  Pets?  
  • Make sure your move file has your will, insurance and all of it together.
  • Prepare any gas powered tools for the move by servicing and draining fuel and oil
  • Collect your valuables in one place for moving day
  • Start a staging area for the movers

2 Weeks Out

  • If you’re driving, map out your route.
  • Update your work/personal email if needed
  • Have your automobiles serviced
  • Turn off subscriptions to newspapers, cable or satellite tv, etc
  • Make sure your movers have emergency numbers 
  • List the things you need for the first 2 weeks after the move and set them aside to make it easy to access.  Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies etc. 

1 Week Out

  • Clean your home thoroughly – this helps you find things AND is just plain courteous
  • Back up your computer files
  • Plan meals for the first week of the move
  • Make sure you have your “go box” the stuff you need immediately
  • Fill luggage with clothes an
  • Fill any prescription drugs early

Moving Day

  • Do Final Walkthrough, turn off lights, lock things.
  • Plan on staying with the movers, don’t leave until they are done. 
  • Record your utility meter readings

Once Your Home

  • Double check your boxes before letting the movers leave and signing anything
  • Group the boxes by room and tackle one room at a time
  • Welcome Home! 

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