Why Are All The Homes Under Contract?

Why Are The Homes Under ContractThis is pretty much a question that we answer daily.  The scenario runs like this.  You visit 8+ websites and start calling Atlanta Real Estate Agents and lo and behold almost all the homes you call on are under contract.  There’s a few possible explanations for that.  I’ll cover the ones in order of most likely first.

The Website You Are Using is Dated

If you visited homes.com, zillow or realtor.com (and chances are good that you did) then you already have experienced the under contract frustrations.  The reason the homes are under contract on these sites is that these sites only care about traffic, not validity.  You only have to look at the zestimate from Zillow to realize that these guys are operating on a different planet.  Zillow has at least 4 pages for each home some with different zestimates! These sites make money off of advertisers and real estate agents by selling your information or clicks on their site.  So it makes sense that the longer they can have a property on their site (another page) the better.  In the case of Zillow you might find homes for sale that had sold over a year ago. Fix? – Get a real estate agent to set you up on a search from the MLS.   We can do this for you, just call us! 678-999-1001

The Listing Agent Failed To Update The Listing

Like the websites who want advertising dollars, real estate agents like buyer leads.  Statistically speaking you won’t buy the home you call on, so in most agent’s minds it’s ok if you call on one that is under contract.  Of course, this is the nice version.  What’s more likely to happen is that the agent simply didn’t update the listing because they didn’t feel like it. Gone are the days that listing agents do a dog and pony show at the kitchen table and market the home.  No most of the agents that list in volume list for banks.  If your client is not demanding excellence (and trust me, the banks could care less about excellence) then why do it (I’d like to tell you that we pride ourselves in it!)

The Home Moved (SOLD) VERY fast

If you’re looking at homes under $150,000 in Atlanta, then chances are real good that the home simply went under contract, likely with multiple offers and it just happened so fast, the MLS hasn’t even populated the changes yet. If you ever have a question about a property, give us a call!

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